Ethnic Unique Market Fairs in Rocky Plateau Ha Giang

Bringing many unique cultures, the market fair is an impressive and attractive destination to a lot of tourists in rocky plateau Ha Giang.

Ethnic-Unique-Market-Fairs-in-Rocky-Plateau-Ha-Giang1The market fair is a unique culture of highland people. Although, there are not as many goods as in delta region, market fairs here are still busy, happy and cozy.


On occasion of market fair, flows of people from high mountain regions flock to the market. For those whose house is far from the market, they have to depart from the previous night.


After over a long road, sellers will quickly fins places to invite buyers. Goods in the market are not only brocade clothes but also agricultural, livestock, etc. And it is not too complicated, anyone who wants to sell items, just need to put down their goods on the ground, so that is a stall.


In addition to sellers and buyers, people come to market for enjoying morning noshes on steaming hot pan,


Or meet and exchange stories of farming or of villages in harvest season.


In the fairs, there are usually the art and culture activities, tourists can listen to the rhythm of flutes or enjoy some traditional dishes of the highland such as “thang co”, corn wine and buy souvenirs that made of brocades.


Tourists come here can admire the variety of many different ethnics and buy the specialties of the highland such as mint honey, sweet soup, corn wine, turkey or brocade products.


Tourist can join many market fairs when coming to the districts of Ha Giang such as Yen Minh, Dong Van, Meo Vac, etc…


Ha Giang market fairs are not only where people trade their goods but also the place where tourists can experience the cultural identity of many different minority ethnics.

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