300- 500 Thousand VND For Fireworks Tickets In Da Nang Stand 2015

Da Nang Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism has announced the official price of tickets for International Fireworks performances of Da Nang 2015 in two nights April 28 and April 29 in Da Nang stands from 300 to 500 thousand VND / person / night.

da-nang-fireworks-2015 (1)

Tickets for the 2015 International Fireworks in Da Nang stands are from 300 to 500 thousand VND / person / night.

Specifically, fireworks tickets for B3 stand are 500 thousand VND / person / night; stand B4: 400 thousand VND / person / night; stand C1: 300 thousand VND / person / night. The stands are located on Tran Hung Dao area just opposite the place where competitors gather for firework display on the other side of the Han River.

da-nang-fireworks-2015 (2)

da-nang-fireworks-2015 (3)

Images recorded from fireworks stands in DIFC 2013 season

With the theme “Da Nang – Symphony of colors”, DIFC2015 competition is performed by professional fireworks teams at international level from 5 continents, including Fireworks for Africa from South Africa, Pyrotecnio team from the US (American); Howard & Son Fireworks from Australia, Surex Firma Rodzinna team from Poland (Europe) and the host Danang – Vietnam (Asia).

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