Special Milestones On The Land Borders

To mark territorial boundaries, Vietnam and the countries have built marble milestone attached with national emblems written in their own language.

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Milestone 1378 is the final milestone in the Vietnam – China border, located in Bac Luan river mounth on Dau Got islet, Mong Cai, Quang Ninh province. It is surrounded by water and was built into a high cylindrical mold so that when tide rises, it is still easy to see the border of the two countries.

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Milestone 428 is the one near the northernmost point, close to Nho Que river which is a natural border between Vietnam and China at Ha Giang province. From the foot of Lung Cu flagpole – the symbol of the northernmost point, you just need to ride motorcycle about 2 km and start trekking. The path to the milestone is the zigzag winding paths around hillsides.

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Milestone 79 is known as the “roof of the frontier” on the border of Vietnam – China, located in Phong Tho district, Lai Chau province. The milestone is located at an altitude of 2,800m and the highest milestone.

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Milestone 42 is one of the milestones in the height of over 2,800m, the border between Vietnam – China, in Lai Chau province. Backpackers who want to conquer the peak Lung Pu Si will meet this significant milestone.


An unnamed milestone in A Pa Chai at Dien Bien is widely known as the milestone 0 A Pa Chai. The milestone marks the junction of the three countries including Vietnam, Laos and China. This is the starting point of the border Vietnam – China and Vietnam – Laos. The milestone has three faces to each country. In addition, this milestone was honored to be called the westernmost point of Vietnam.

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Milestone 92 is located on the border of Vietnam – China, in Lao Cai province. This is the milestone marking the first point of the “Red River which flows into the land of Vietnam”. From here, the river bears sediment passing through nine provinces in the Mekong Delta, building upon fertile plains, and bringing water to irrigate lush vegetation.


The unnamed milestone at three- way junction Indochina (Kon Tum) is placed in a large circle, each face facing each country: Vietnam – Laos – Cambodia. This is just the starting point of the border with Vietnam – Cambodia, and the end border with Vietnam – Laos.

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Milestone 240 is located near the gate Thuong Phuoc, Dong Thap. It marks the Mekong River flowing into Vietnam.

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Milestone 241 is located in Vinh Xuong border gate, An Giang province between the border of Vietnam and Cambodia. This is the beginning parts of the border between the provinces An Giang and Kandal province, Cambodia.

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Milestone 314 is the last milestone of borderline Vietnam – Cambodia, Kien Giang province.

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