Adventure Activities At Datanla Waterfall

About 10km from Da Lat city center and in a part of Prenn pass, Datanla waterfall appears just majestic and poetic that brings a special feeling and experience for visitors.

View the waterfall among a vast green forest

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Between high cliffs dozens of meters tall, dark green forests and deep canyons, waterfall Datanla appears as a t majestic and fierce fairy which seems to wash away conquerors. Enjoy the cool weather and among the endless nature make visitors relaxed.

Discover 7-storey waterfall

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Datanla is a waterfall complex of 7 different layers, some with gently flow, murmuring like a small stream or some with strong flow, torrential rumbling from high cliff into the abyss, etc. All bring you more exciting experiences.

Water chutes for forest sightseeing

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If you do not want to walk a few hundred meters to get the waterfall, you can go to experience waterslide thrills without spending effort. Chutes have speed control that takes you through parts of green forest, and craggy cliffs. Several tall trees overhanging whip out, together with high speed makes everyone panic.

Overcoming hundred meters stairs to visit

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It is a big challenge to visit all layers of the waterfall Datanla by walking through cement steps which are covered with green mossy and slippery. It requires you to have good health, travelling favorite to reach hundreds of meters full of hard to come up with the legendary waterfall.

Discover deeply hidden rapids

Adventure Activities At Datanla Waterfall (4)

Most visitors are ignoring these rapids as they are nestled deep in the cliff and is covered by the surrounding vegetation.

Swing through the cliff to conquer the Death

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It is hundreds of meters high cliff, deep chasms below with lush green vegetation. Above is the cruel waterfall which strongly pours down. For special terrain, many travel company designed exploring tours to experience and swing over the cliffs to conquer the fall. These activities are quite dangerous but many young people concern.

Cable car to see this waterfall and green forest on a high

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Cable cars passing through forests, waterfalls, mountains, cliffs, etc.  give guests many unexpected impression when admiring the beauty of this land from above.

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