Elephant Waterfall- An Elegant And Proud Beauty of Da Lat

About 25km from Da Lat city center in the southwest, Elephant waterfall is situated on Nam Ban town, Lam Ha district, and located on the campus of Linh An Temple.


The campus of Linh An Temple

The waterfall has a width of over 20 meters and a height of 30 meters, flush down water all day and night, creating tiny and cool mist. When the sun shines on the waterfall, it appears alternating rainbows which are very interesting.

Elephant-Waterfall-da-lat (1)

Powerful water flows in the rainy season

Elephant-Waterfall-da-lat (2)

Rainbow suddenly penetrates the water flow.

Looking down from the foot of the waterfall, we can see rolling stones, lush vegetation and interesting caves. Looking up from the foot of the waterfall, water is strongly pouring into granite rocks with white foam as in wonderland.

Elephant-Waterfall-da-lat (3)

A fairy view from the waterfall

Elephant-Waterfall-da-lat (4)

Water pouring out, wool through the rocks while watching the waterfall from below

Elephant-Waterfall-da-lat (5)

These undulating rocks

Elephant-Waterfall-da-lat (6)

The scene contains many feelings

Elephant-Waterfall-da-lat (7)

Elephant waterfall is tenderness and proud

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