Travel Da Lat And Experience Gong Culture

The city of love- Da Lat is attractive because of its comfortable weather, green nature and special Gong culture. Travel Da Lat And Experience Gong Culture.

Visiting Da Lat, tourists will feel peace of mind and remove all tiredness of daily life. Wherever you stand in this city, you can breathe deeply and feel wonderful in the central highland.

Da Lat is a land of magnificent landscapes, with mist mountains, endless lakes, and undulating hills with flowers. There is a romantic Valley of Love that witness many stories of love and the Hill of Dream that is poetic and stunning.

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Poetic and stunning Hill of Dream

Moreover, visiting the Hill of Dream, tourists have a chance to experience an open natural and cultural space such as poet garden Han Mac Tu, visiting ancient house with magic rotate table, sightseeing beautiful rose villa, etc. Especially, tourists will have another interesting choice for activities by night; it is dances of Gong culture in Central Highland.

In the chilly weather, you will enjoy the fragrant kebab near flickering fire, dance as indigenous people and hear beautiful songs of birds.

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Dong culture- an interesting choice for tourists every night

Vitality and timbre of Central Highland together with majestic beauty create the unique charm of Da Lat and the Hill of Dream. No need to go far, you can already enjoy the masterpiece and intangible culture of humanity recognized by UNESCO in this place.

In particular, experiencing the gong culture, visitors also have the opportunity to interact with local people to discover more about the spiritual life as well as the specific cultural beauty of people here.

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Take part in Gong dance with local people

The cultural space of Central Highland is a good choice at night for tourists in Da Lat- the city of flowers. Gong dances and sounds of mountain are special and memorial highlights for tourists in this romantic and poetic city.

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