Vietnamese “Palaces” Make Tourists Surprised

Currently, in some northern provinces, there are many buildings being built in the European style villa or castle of Rome. The “new castles” have made tourists surprised every time they go through.

From Hanoi to Phu Ly City (Ha Nam), you will see two giant castles located on the street 1 A. This castle is called Tong Hai Son and located on an area of ​​2.700 square meters; this villa under castle form is described famous architecture of 18th century.  It took 5 years to complete.

lau dai phu ly

Castle in Phu Ly city (Ha Nam)

Moreover, the castle is also considered a reserve center of Ha Nam bonsai- Phu Ly, with the participation of tens of Van Nien pine trees originating from Japan. Van Nien pine trees are famous Japanese bonsai with lifespan for hundreds of years.

Continue for a few dozen kilometers, on Highway 1 A, travelers will continue to surprise the castle on National Highway 1 A Gia Vien district, Ninh Binh province. This castle is named Thanh Thang with European-style architecture and a giant total property.

lau dai ninh binh

Castle in Ninh Binh province

According to the assessment, this is a very special project because two magnificent castles were built in a magnificent campus and in the same side. Between 2 campuses are a mountain castle and a small lake separating two sides. They are also associated with the system of landscape and gardens to create prosperity to the owners.

To assert his property, many rich people nowadays are making their own intentions into real by building palatial castles of European style worth a few hundred billion.

In addition, many other castles are being constructed in many areas, especially the northern provinces such as Hai Phong, Hai Duong, Quang Ninh, etc.

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