Vietnam Smiles Through The Lens of French photographer

With love and passion with the S-shaped strip land, the French photographer Rehahn Croquevielle decided to stick his life and career in Hoi An, Vietnam. In a journey of discovery, the album “Hidden Smile” was born.

Rehahn Croquevielle, a French photographer, was born in 1979. He had been elected by Boredpanda site as one of ten photographers of the world’s most famous portrait genre. By the time of 2014, Rehahn Croquevielle has had the collection of about 40,000 images of Vietnam.

vietnam-smiles (1)

The album of Rehahn carries humanity meaning, bringing emotions to viewers.

It is not difficult to recognize the important point in his pictures is eyes and smile. Rehahn noticed many Vietnamese people use their hands cover their as smiling while facing the camera. And the album named “Hidden Smile” was born. Under the gaze of the author, behind the wrinkled hands of the elderly or innocence of children are different fates. But all shared a warm smile and eyes of belief. It can be said that the album “Hidden Smile” brought Vietnam smiles travelling all over the world.

vietnam-smiles (2)

Watching some pictures in the album “Hidden Smile” by Rehahn Croquevielle:

vietnam-smiles (3)

The author said that hidden smiles as a sign of politeness.

vietnam-smiles (4)

vietnam-smiles (5)

Each picture displays the author’s affection for Vietnamese people.

vietnam-smiles (6)

Innocence of children

vietnam-smiles (7)

vietnam-smiles (8)

vietnam-smiles (9)

vietnam-smiles (10)

Girls in traditional dress in Hoi An

vietnam-smiles (11)

The photographer took photo with highland girls.

vietnam-smiles (12)

Rehahn shared: “I love Vietnamese people because they are so affectionate and very gentle.”

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