A French Man Shares His Experience in Hoi An

Through images of people and landscapes in the old town, Etienne Bossot (a French photographer) sent messages to international friends about a beautiful, hospitable and friendly Vietnam.

phong tranh hoi an1

A miniature Hoi An at the picture gallery of 42 Phan Boi Chau Street 

Etienne is also the founder and tour operator of “Hoi An photography” for international travelers in Hoi An old town.

Born and grown up in France, after graduating from college, Etienne has backpacked many places to find suitable job and a “new shelter”. He has gone through many Asian countries such as Japan, China, Malaysia, etc. in 2006, Etienne came to Vietnam and worked as business manager for a wine company of France. And when visiting Hoi An old town, Etienne said, this land really fascinated him and grabbed his leg.

Etienne shared that “on an occasion of visiting the company’s branch in Hoi An, I was enraptured with beauties here. People and landscapes in Hoi An is special, different from other places I’ve ever come across.” Therefore, Etienne quit job and travel all corner of the old town to capture all idyllic moments here.

During such these days of wandering in Hoi An, Etienne met “his half”. In 2007, he got married and decided to settle down in the old town as his second home. Etienne said: “In the West, each person has its separate space, while in Vietnam is in contrast. Here, it’s easy to get along with people. Sometimes just laugh with them, and they also respond you with a friendly smile, then we become closer. ”

phong tranh hoi an2

Photographer Etienne with his like most picture

In the gallery of 42 Phan Boi Chau Street (Hoi An city) exhibits many works of Etienne about people and landscapes in many rural areas of Vietnam. In particular, most of the photographs are taken in Hoi An.

“Hoi An’s people are very open, hospitable and friendly. I love its simplicity and try to apply it into my pictures.”  Visitors to Hoi An are excited to the tour “to learn how to take photos of Hoi An” of Etienne. Through this course, visitors can just travel, close to the life in the Quang Nam countryside, both have beautiful pictures as souvenirs.

hoi an luc binh minh

Hoi An in early morning

lang que hoi an

Etienne takes a lit of photos of the life in the countryside of Hoi An

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