Sailing And Overcoming Phong Nha Primary Forest For Charity Purpose

50 players in good health and high team spirit took part in sailing upstream Rao Nan, completed 25 kilometers of forest, overcame the waterfall in Tu Lan cave, etc. in order to fund the construction of two school libraries which were washed away in Quang Binh.

For the first time in Vietnam, at the primeval forest in Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park in Quang Binh, tourists can take a “reality” tour program, which requires health, endurance and high teamwork spirit.

tu-lan-cave (1)

Tourists are required for good health and endurance to overcome many types of terrain in the primeval forest Phong Nha and join the program “Tu Lan Challenges”.

Instead of enjoying forms of traditional tourism, tourists are divided into team players. The program is called “Tu Lan challenges” that requires team players paddle canoe across river and waterfalls at Rao Nan river, Cao Quang commune, Minh Hoa district; Discover Fairy cave, Mouse cave; going through primeval forest, overcoming Tu Lan waterfall, etc. with the distance of 25 kilometers a day.

tu-lan-cave (2)

Inside Tu Lan have magnificent stalactites, large waterfall, etc.

The program is considered a promising adventure racing. All participants will go through the jungle, overcome stream, discover untouched caves, swim in deep underground river in the dark cave, go through many small caves, etc.

tu-lan-cave (3)

The program in addition to building two school libraries, also contribute to promote tourism in Quang Binh.

Tu Lan cave was uncovered by the locals in July 2009 and put into operation since November 2011 under th form of adventurous discovery. Inside Tu Lan is the system of magnificent stalactites, mysterious underground river, etc. in the middle of pristine primary forest.

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