Peaceful Beauty on An Giang River Region

Located in southwest of Vietnam, An Giang is bestowed with specialties and charming landscapes which make visitors surprised.


The lands Tinh Bien and Tri Ton owns a lot of rows of palms which are used for specialties such as: palm tea, fresh palm fruit juice, palm sugar, palm cake, etc. Rambling on roads of That Son land, you will feel a peaceful village drifting slowly.


People here are very friendly. On special festival days of Khmer people, you will easily take part in the festival.


Visiting An Giang, you may be attracted with Bung Binh Thien- a peaceful lake with romantic landscape.


This land has a famous channel named Vinh Te that runs along Vietnam- Cambodia border, on the way from Chau Doc town to Ha Tien commune. This used to be the longest channel and build in the longest time during feudal periods.


Chau Doc also organizes a national festival “Queen’s soul at Sam Mountain”- an annual spiritual festival involves a lot of tourists.


Chau Doc fish noodle soup is varied to meet Vietnamese people’s taste.


If you have time, let’s visit Tra Su indigo forest. It used to be a wilderness with a lot of weeds. Then it was cultivated with indigo trees and has become a diverse ecological zone. A number of young backpackers select here as a destination.


If you drop on Bay Nui area, do not miss out Vinh Trung soup of Khmer flavor. The most famous restaurants around Vinh Trung market are Oanh Na restaurant and Ut Sac restaurant.

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