Iced tea sidewalk – the popular culture of Hanoi

If you are have lived in this city long enough to understand Hanoi, it is impossible to miss the familiar image of the sidewalk iced tea vendors.

Unlike many countries where street drinking is illegal, Vietnam has its own street drinking culture. Many people say that living in Hanoi,when you walk out of the house, you walk to the street and you see an iced tea shop immediately.

Iced tea cup

Iced tea cup

Iced tea in sidewalk appeared from early morning to late at night. Sidewalks have spacious, “view” beautiful, located near the center, convenient for watching the road, watching people, vehicles travel.

With Hanoi, sidewalk ice tea as an indispensable part, it becomes a permanent habit of making unique culture. Cheap is a plus. And this is where the young favorites with this type of ice tea. The sidewalk tea shop has become a destination without an appointment of any age.

sidewalk ice tea is culture in Ha Noi

sidewalk ice tea is culture in Ha Noi

Selling glasses of iced tea to customers, there only needs to be a small table or foam box and a few plastic chairs. Though simple and rustic, these sidewalk iced tea places are where the most interesting conversations and stories about life and society are born.
If you have chance to come to Ha Noi, don’t forget to drop by the iced tea shop and enjoy aromatic, folk bitter , sweet tongue of iced tea.

 don't forget to try 1 cup of iced tea

Don’t forget to try 1 cup of iced tea

It’s simple, but the habit of iced tea on the sidewalk is the nostalgia and affection of young people away from Hanoi, is the curiosity that inspires others to discover this land of thousands of years of civilization. The sidewalk iced tea culture has been such a quintessential part of the city’s cultural fabric and contributes to rustic and unique charm of the thousand-year-old capital.

 The sidewalk iced tea vendors

The sidewalk iced tea vendors

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