Explore natural beauty and ethnic culture of Bac Ha, Lao Cai

Endowed cool weather year-round, wonderful natural beauty and extraordinary culture and history turn Bac Ha district into another draw to tourists in the northern province of Lao Cai.  

Bac Ha district

Bac Ha district is home to 14 ethnic minorities living together in 20 communes and a town and historic sites like Bac Ha temple and Hoang A Tuong palace. The ethnic groups include H’mong ethnic, Dao ethnic, Tay ethnic, Nung ethnic, La Chi ethnic, Phu La ethnic…Derived from different historical conditions, different life circumstances of each  ethnic group, Bac Ha has exotic cultures.

One of the most famous things of Bac Ha district is Bac Ha market which is held by Flower Hmong people on every Sunday morning. It is a special market where thousands of locals and tourists met up.

007Bac Ha market

In Bac Ha market, locals sell food, souvenirs and other products made by themselves. Some just go there for having a cup of wine, meeting friends and showing off their best costumes. Local women coming to the Bac Ha market often wear their intricate handmade costumes. The market, indeed, is an event full of colors.

Ta Chai commune, close to Bac Ha town, is home to nine villages, mostly inhabited by the Tay ethnic people. The commune’s residents provide homestay services, which are rich in traditional cultural values. Tourists staying in homestays there have a chance to enjoy local food, local life and learn about Tay culture

Homestay in Bac Ha

Villages like Ta Chai are attractive for visitors not only for the picturesque landscape, rustic houses, but also local specialties such as corn and plums.

20150816-dan-ban-kinh-doanh-homestay-1Foreign visitors enjoy homestay service

With cool weather year-round, Bac Ha has amazing sightseeing such as mighty mountains, beautiful caves and terraced fields. The fields are now a stunning flower valley, luring visitors to the locality.

hoa-man-bac-haFlower blossoms in Bac Ha

In 2017, Bac Ha district welcomed more than 300,000 tourists of which foreign visitors accounted for more than 25 percent.

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