Experience Of Explore Ninh Hoa Part 1

All experience of explore Ninh Hoa. Doc Let Beach, Ninh Van Bay or Nha Phu lagoon in Ninh Hoa town are ideal stops in the coming summer days.

Ninh Hoa Town in Khanh Hoa province, south of Nha Trang City, borders Dak Lak province in the west, East Sea in the east. It is considered as the third destination in the tourist map of Khanh Hoa, aside from Nha Trang and Cam Ranh.

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Time of Travel

Thanks to three faces surrounded by woods and the blue sea, it has a cool climate all year round. With its favorable geographical location and convenient transportation, visitors can visit Ninh Hoa throughout the year, especially in summer.

Wake up in the morning, you will be served a bowl of delicious fish noodle, then swimming in the blue sea at noon, afternoon rolling on the sand with round balls and at night gather around flames and enjoy fresh grilled seafood.

Experience Of Explore Ninh Hoa  (1)

Doc Let the wild beauty


To get Ninh Hoa, you can choose one of three vehicles as cars, trains and planes from Hanoi, Saigon and Da Nang.

Aircraft: You choose Cam Ranh airport, then hire bus or taxi to Ninh Hoa.

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Trains: On north – south trains, you can buy tickets at any station and destination station Ninh Hoa.

Cars: From Saigon, you buy tickets at East bus station for 200,000-250,000 VND/ticket. Prestige car brands for route Saigon- Khanh Hoa including Cuc Tung, Minh Dung, Phuong Nam, etc. the end is bus station Ninh Hoa.

Places For Rest

Many locations for tourists’ choices such as hotels on Tran Quy Cap Street, Ninh Hiep ward or motels in the Highway 1A for 200,000-350,000 VND/ night. At your stay, you can hire motorbikes for travelling and sightseeing. Also, you have a choice to relax at resorts in Ninh Van Bay, Doc Let at the price from VND 1.5 to 5 or 10 million/night.

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