Cu Lao Cham- A Friendly Green Island

About 20 minutes of driving motor boats from Cua Dai port, Cu Lao Cham is a small island with pristine beauty that attracts a lot of tourists for green tourism development and simple life of fishermen. Cu Lao Cham- A Friendly Green Island.

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Step on the island, you will recognize the simple life of local people who live on fishing in everywhere.

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The island market is hold near the port in the early morning. It sells rustic food such as Quang noodle soup, Cao Lau and fresh seafood.

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Especial thing is that local people and tourists in Cu Lao Cham do not use plastic bags. They bring permanent bags and sellers use banana leaves and magazine paper to wrap products. It is reason why Cu Lao Cham is considered as a friendly green island.

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Along with abalone, crab is also the specialty of the small island. Only after a rainy day, stone crabs crawl out of its shell. So when visiting Cu Lao Cham, if lucky you will have a chance to enjoy this dish.

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After going market and order sellers prepare and process fresh seafood, you can stroll and enjoy the great atmosphere of the pristine waters. Whale beach, Perfume beach, Husband beach, etc. are full of sunshine and clear water which are suitable for swimming and sunbathing. If you want to scuba diving or snorkeling sailing around the island, ask the service from local people and get advice of the most beautiful waters.

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On the island, there is a well that has typical architecture of ancient Cham wells. This is a fresh water resource on the island and recognized as the National relic in 2006.

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Situated nearby the mountain foot of Hon Lao Island, Hai Tang pagoda is a peace-of- mind place for many tourists. The pagoda was built in 1758 to serve spiritual demands of local people.

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In the afternoon, let choose a nice location to behold the sunset on the sea, the sunshine on the water and fishermen among the green island.

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