10 favorite destinations in Hanoi for day trip

If you are looking for the destination around Hanoi city to relax and refresh energy with family and friend after working time. Here are some ideal destination not to be missed.

  1. Bat Trang ceramic Village

Location: Bat Trang commune, Gia Lam district , Ha Noi.


Bat Trang is a small village in the north of Vietnam, is about 16 kilometers south-east of Hanoi center. Coming to Bat Trang village, you will have chance to admire the ceramic craftsman make the wonderful product.


There are the big market of famous ceramic and pottery products of high quality such as vases, bowls, dishes, tea sets,…Visitors can order to savor some interesting delicacies.


  1. Duong Lam ancient Village

Location: Duong Lam, Son Tay, Ha Noi

Duong Lam ancient village is a truly authentic Vietnam as it still retains most of the basic characteristics of a village with port village, trees, courtyard, temples, well, water fields and the ancient houses.


You can rent a bike to explore every corner of the village and some famous place such as: Mia pagoda, Ngo Quyen mausoleum, old house with the 300 years…and do not forget to enjoy the local dishes.



  1. Ba Vi National Park

Location: Son Tay, Ha Noi


Ba Vi National Park is one of Vietnam’s most famous areas of outstanding natural beauty, and is centered around a three-peaked mountain jutting steeply out of the landscape. The national park offers a great escape from the city with cool fresh mountain air in a mystical atmospheric backdrop of clouds, jungle and tropical rainforest.


There is also a spa resort nestled at the foot of the mountain offering a host of natural therapies in an absolutely stunning setting.

  1. Huong Pagoda


Huong is one of the largest and most unique religious sites in Hanoi with a complex of pagodas, shrines and communal houses scattered on Huong Son (Perfume mountain). The most sacred and important place of the complex is Huong Tich (Traces of perfume) pagoda or Chua Trong (Inner pagoda) which is located inside Huong Tich grotto.


  1. Van Phuc Silk Village


Van Phuc is renowned for its traditional weaving and premium quality silk products. At the age of more than 1,200 years, Van Phuc is proud to be the most ancient silk village which provides the best silk in Vietnam.


  1. Dong Ho painting Village


Dong Ho Village with its famous paintings has become an aesthetic symbol in Vietnam culture. Located to the left side of Duong River in Bac Ninh Province, Dong Ho stood for centuries making their unique artwork.


Most villagers have now turned to joss paper making, since the regulation has relaxed and again allowed for religious practices that were once deemed “unfit of the revolutionary”.

Dong Ho Village can easily be combined with But Thap Pagoda into a one day But Thap biking trip to Bac Ninh.

  1. National Museum of Vietnam History

Another must-visit historical site in Hanoi is National Museum of Vietnamese History. Built between 1925 and 1932, it is a magnificent example of Indochinese architecture. The exhibits are all about Vietnam through times, from primitive period to present.

bao tang lich su viet nam

  1. Ha Noi Old Quarter

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Inside a modern and dynamic city, there appears an antique quarter – Hanoi Old Quarter, which is the eternal soul of the city. It is said that nothing says Hanoi like its Old Quarter- the cultural heart of Hanoi. If you want to discover Vietnam’s historic and unique cultural delights, walk around and just take in the sites.odern.


  1. Imperial Citadel of Thang Long

The Central Sector of the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long is an outstanding place of interest. The site was inscribed on the World Heritage List by UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee in 2010. There’re two sections: the archaeological site at 18 Hoang Dieu Street and the central axis of the Nguyen Dynasty’s Citadel of Hanoi.


This was the most important sector of Thang Long Citadel, the capital of Dai Viet under the Ly, Tran, and Le dynasties from the 11th to the 18th centuries. It was also the headquarters of the North Vietnamese government and army during the Vietnam War.

  1. Tam Dao Vinh Phuc

Tam Dao –Da Lat in the northern, a beautiful and charming landscapes. Tam Dao was discovered by the French in early 20th century. After that they built a resort here with many villas, hotels, restaurants, playgrounds, swimming pools, etc.


The famous destinations in Tam Dao: Sky gate, Silver Waterfall, television station tower, Ancient Church, Quan gio Café.


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