Vietnam On The Second Top For Sand Sliding

Wonderlist has announced 6 top countries with ideal places for sand sliding, in which Vietnam is on the second top for sand sliding.

  1. Peru

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This country has a lot of sloppy and smooth deserts. It was endowed with beautiful sand dunes, ideal for sand skiing. If visiting Peru, do not forget to visit famous sand dunes Duna Grande in Ica. Tips for those who want to experience the feeling of sand slip in Peru: the sand dunes here are mostly very steep, so it is necessary for experience to join this adventure sport.

  1. Vietnam

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Like Peru, Vietnam is endowed with many ravishing sand dunes, though not as much as the South American nation. Highlight places of Vietnam sand sliding often concentrate in Mui Ne. This is a very new subject in this Asian country; hence, players often need to a guide. With a foundation is gentle sand dunes, Mui Ne is expected as an attractive destination for sand slippers in the near future.

  1. Japan

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It is quite surprised to Japan, a country with little desert, is ranked at No. 3. Perhaps because of the arrival of beautiful dunes, called The Tattori, Japan has this honor. The Tattori is located right on the beach so people can experience the sand sliding and sea sightseeing, it is really unique and strange. Chiba dunes and Shimoda dunes are also a great place for those who love sand skiing.

  1. Australia

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With a very desert land as Australia, it is no surprise that it has beautiful sand dunes for those who love adventure sports can experience the sand sliding. In South Australia, Kangaroo Island has been dubbed the “sub-Saharan” which has many beautiful dunes. Also in the land of kangaroos, many other places also attract sand sliders like Lucky Bay, Stockton near Sydney and Tasmania, etc.

  1. Nicaragua

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Unlike any other country, Nicaragua enthralls sand sliding people by second to none feeling when sliding from Cerro Negro volcano- a famous mountain and still active in this Central American nation. But in Nicaragua, sand skiing requires more skill because obviously, the slide from the volcano’s mouth is much more dangerous. Sand slipers to Nicaragua are mostly young.

  1. Chile

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Chile was ranked only 6th on the above list. This is where people like sand skiing most. In northern Chile, most people are interested in sand skiing. Here has Atacama desert which is suitable for this type of sport. Even contests also took place throughout the year. The most famous place in Chile is probably sand skiing Valle de la Muerte. Cerro Dragon, Medanoso, Punta de Choros are also the destinations for those who love to fly on the sand.

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