Unique pink grass hill in Dalat

Dalat is romantic and attractive by not only charming wild sunflowers, red maple leaves but also beautiful pink grass hills, which make the city of flower a little-known beauty in Vietnam.

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Pink grass is a kind of wildflower, often growing in clusters. Pink grass has a strong vitality, even gown on the arid rocky ground. Its flower has pink color or purple-pink. It’s so silky soft that rubbing it against your skin will cause the feelings of tickling, amused. Pink grass is very popular in North America or in China.

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Da Lat pink grass hill is one of the top tourist destinations in Da Lat. But not everyone who goes to Dalat can visit the pink grass hill. Because Dalat weed blooms only according to the season. Each year visitors only short time limit to admire this beautiful scene 1 time. November was Da Lat every year is a good month with the pink grass blooming of the pink grass hill. To know how beautiful the pink grass hill is. Along with the information about the pink grass hill. you should come there once to enjoy it.

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List of the latest Da Lat travels destinations. Da Lat pink grass hill is also called Snowy Hill. It is available at the end of October until the end of November every year. When the wildflower season blooming on the hillsides. It was beautiful grass. Bringing a wild beauty, an extraordinary vitality pink color covers each hill. This grass is called snow grass due to every morning when the mist falling down, At this time, the scenery here is combined of the pink color and the mist color to make it like a snowy place. The color of subtle gentleness. If you want to admire those beautiful snowflakes. Then you have to get in this” golden valley area ” early before the sun shines at that time white dewdrops those will cover a whole hill.

The most popular pink grass lea that we have to mention is the one lying next to the Golden Stream, which owns a special and magnificent landscape and is followed by the young generation.

This place still keeps the wilderness and peaceful with the overgrowth grass, so that it makes the pink color darker and more impressive. Especially, the Golden Stream is a safety zone, the ideal location for the tourism to camp where you can choose to makeready to capture the stunning moments of the pink grassland when the sun rises.

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The road to this pink grass hill location is also quite simple. If you go on a rainy day, the road is quite slippery and muddy so be careful. You can go by motorbike or car, even 45-seat coaches can enter this road. But remember that you must park your car at the ticket office, not run up. From there you will follow a path up the slope. After that, you will see the beautiful pink grass hill.

If you are stay in the city center, I will give you the instruction. It takes the starting point from the fountain near Xuan Huong Lake, runs down the streets via Dinh Tien Hoang street, Nguyen Con Tru street, Xo Viet Nghe Tinh street and Ankroet road. Then, you turn towards the Suoi Vang, drive into Cu Lan village, continue going pass the Suoi Vang dam for about 01 kilometers and follow the road to go the Lonely Pine where the camping site is located.

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