Travel Northwest Vietnam and Delicious Fruits Should Taste

Discovering Northwest area of Vietnam, tourists will have chance to enjoy delicious fruits here as attractive gifts.

1. Ripe Plum Season in Northwest highlands


In June, on all paths to northwest highlands, tourists will see baskets of ripe plums and green leaves which are being delivered to markets. This is the ripe plum season with fresh and sweet plums carrying typical flavor of the northwest area that can not find elsewhere.

To ethnic people living northwest highlands, plum tree is a gift of heaven and the earth because only soil in this land is suitable to the plum growth, no need to much meticulous care. In the spring, plum trees blossom with white flowers and in summer, they bear red ripe fruits. In hot June and July, it is time for tourists to visit northwest area to enjoy the coolness and quiet space of woods and mountains here.

Tourists coming here have chance to see ripe plum gardens on hills, mountain slopes and local gardens. Therefore, baskets of ripe plums are indispensable in the luggage of tourists when they leave northwest highlands. Price of plum costs only VND 10,000 per kilogram.

2. Sa Pa Peach


Sa Pa peach sold on traditional baskets of ethnic people

Visiting Sapa on summer, tourists will enjoy beautiful surrounding space as in paintings with cool and fresh air, especially fruit season with ripe peach gardens.

Ethnic men deliver baskets of succulent peaches to markets or on payments which create a lively picture full of color in northwest highlands.

With light sour and sweet taste, distinct aroma, Sapa peach is considered as gifts of essence of heaven and earth. Tourists come here on the ripening season, do not forget to buy ripe peach fruits as gifts for friends and relatives. When in season, delicious peaches cost about VND 20,000 per kilogram.

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