Well-known Specialties through Parts of Country Part 1


After a long journey, each person wants to buy for their close relatives rustic gifts imbued with regional culture such as: forest peach Sapa, fermented spring roll Thanh Hoa or Mango Hoa Loc.

  1. Forest Peach Sapadao

Visiting Sapa on summer, tourists will see peach trees in a ripe fruit season at most roads leading to the town center and make right red whole Northwest region. On all roads, people here show baskets of red ripe peaches for sale. Peaches here are brought to market in baskets on shoulders of Mong ethnic people or on wagons covered near market. Peaches here have small size, peel layer of velvety fuzz; sour, acrid and sweet flavor and distinct aroma.

Red ripen peaches- very attractive

  1. Green Orange Ha Giangcam sanh

The green orange has long been well-known to tourists as coming to Ha Giang. In the past, this kind of orange was offered to the King because it has aroma, cool flavor and necessary vitamins.

The green orange in Ha Giang is more delicious and more aromatic than one in other regions because Ha Giang region has favorable climate condition. Usually, on January or February (lunar calendar) orange trees blossom and on late year, about November and December, they bear fruits, on occasion of Tet Holiday. Therefore, if coming here on Tet holiday, tourists will not forget to bring back the rustic gift carrying unique flavor of the highland region.

  1. Buffalo Meat Hung at Kitchen in Dien Bienthit trau

The buffalo meat hung at kitchen is a specialty of ethnic people in Dien Bien province. To make this dish, the chef must separate carefully tendon. Lengthwise, cut into pieces, then marinade with mixture spices including lemongrass, ginger, garlic, crushed fried pepper, left about 2-3 hours, next fry brochettes of buffalo meat on charcoal fire until rare medium to maintain the sweetness of buffalo meat. When enjoying, dinners will steam it about 30 minutes. The sweetness of buffalo together with tasty spices creates an attractive specialty in mountainous region.

  1. Fermented Spring Roll Thanh Hoanem chua

Fermented spring roll is a common dish in Vietnam, but Thanh Hoa province is most well-known for the delicious crisp fermented spring roll. Along 1A high way or car stations, it is easy to buy tasty fermented spring rolls with different shapes: long rolls, square rolls, roasted rolls, etc. The fermented spring roll includes only sliced pork skin, lean hip meat, crushed roasted rice, mixed with ming aralia leaves or guava leaves and typical spices (garlic, pepper). The ground roasted rice powder is an important ingredient that makes distinct taste of each spring roll.

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