Sold Property in France, Moved to Vietnam As Be In Love With Hoi An

Los Angeles Times interviewed Rehahn Croquevielle photographer about portraits of Vietnam’s people he has taken.

Rehahn Croquevielle was born in France, but moved to Vietnam because he fell in love with this country in 2007 after the trip. He sold the property in France and together with his families settle down in Hoi An. He opened a restaurant and a hostel in Hoi An, but he devoted his love for photography. Rehahn owns 40,000 pictures of Vietnam.

Let’s admire pictures of Réhahn Croquevielle published in the Los Angeles Times:


The picture of ferrywoman on the Thu Bon River makes Rehahn Croquevielle most favorite.


Sunset in Hoi An


Two brothers Chu Van Tim and Chu Van Thuc in Ninh Binh


Hoi An lanterns


A H’mong elderly woman at the age 76 in Sapa


Sung- a 4- year-old girl in near Sapa


Cycling in Hoi An


4- year-old girl in Dien Bien Phu


Traditional costume of Lo Lo ethnic people

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