Five Reasons Why Vietnam Is Preferred By Travelers

Hospitality, rich cuisine and beautiful landscapes throughout the country, etc. are reasons why a lot of travelers fall in love with Vietnam.

Vietnam is a country with lots of beautiful scenery as well as a long cultural history. Many tourists having visited Vietnam find themselves a reason to come back. Here are common reasons that Vietnam became an impressive destination for many visitors.

1. Beautiful landscapes

From north to south, visitors will be able to find yourself magnificent and overwhelmed sceneries, from the ancient and peaceful city as Hoi An, to the yellowing terraced fields in West North area.

As a country with a modest area, but beautiful landscapes of Vietnam stretch along the length of the country. Visitors can climb up mountain, through jungles, down to sea, visit valleys, contemplate plateau, etc.


A stunning image of birds in Tram Chim National Park

2. Unique Culture

Vietnam has 54 ethnic groups; each ethnic group brings a unique culture and its own custom. These particular cultures have created new experience for visitors. They can come Hue to enjoy Court Music, to Central Highland on gong festival, listen to “quan ho” singing, or empathize western culture with amateur music.

3. Idyllic Life

If a country does focus on tourism development with major business centers, quality cinemas or luxury hotels, it will neglect a part of visitors who look for idyllic things in their trips. Vietnam is different; here tourists can still find close moments of people in the city, old things but worth in daily rhythm of life.


Idyllic images are easy to catch on streets

4. Delicious Food


Cuisine is another plus point of Vietnam. Apart from famous “pho” and bread, anywhere you go in Vietnam, you can enjoy specialties here. Moreover, Vietnam food is also very cheap, just USD 2 for a bowl of noodle soup. May travelers are interested in sitting down on a small plastic stool and enjoy delicious street food.

5. Friendly People

For tourists, the Vietnamese is very friendly. Not only do traders smile to sell, but pedestrians and children also welcome with their bright smiles. This attitude makes visitors feel welcomed in the Vietnam country.

Many cases tourists get lost, they are also dedicatedly instructed by the Vietnamese, even though some people can not master English, they still find ways to express.

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