Da Nang Won “Best of” Award 2014 at International Fireworks Contest

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 “Congratulation to Da Nang team, representatives of Vietnam, won “best of” award 2014 at Global Fest- International fireworks festival in 2014 Trico Homes took place in last week in Canada.”

That is congratulation from Canada embassy in Vietnam on its official Facebook page. And website of GlobalFest.ca also launched this information.

Da Nang team’s display took place on August 19 on compulsory and monopoly music OneWorld Fanfare of GlobalFest 2014.

Best of 2014 Award: Vietnam – Da Nang Team

The “Best Of” Award is decided by a team of adjudicators lead by team leader Jacqueline Bell. Coming from a number of backgrounds, adjudicators aim every to provide the most fair and balanced decision on the best pyrotechnical display of the year.

GlobalFest 2014 took place in 5 nights in the city of Calgary, Alberta province, and south of Canada which has been the host of Winter Olympics 1998.

The fireworks festival was organized in 1993 but until 2003 it was really famous, involved more than 10,000 locals and tourists, 3 competitors and 10 cultural booths.

GlobalFest 2014 plays an important role in non- profit social activities which aim to display and reserve cultural and art diversity of Calgary ethnic groups as well as of the world. A destination- a cultural gathering place of the world is the goal of GlobalFest.

In Vietnam, Da Nang is a place organizing International fireworks competitions.

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