Finding Simple and Close Beauty in Whale Island

Foreign tourists do like this island because it is quite, peaceful and not crowded. It only takes 20 minutes to the island.

There are no air conditioners, TV, internet, fridge, swimming pool or music clubs here. Rest houses here are used for sleep only; it has a bed, blanket and a small bathroom. There are about twenty leaf houses in the whole island and they are located after rows of coconut, bamboo, etc. In addition, the sea here is an ideal place for diving under cool clear water.

hon ong1

Simple houses to take rest in the Whale island

On sunset, the sky turns from yellow into purple, then cherry with white spots of cloud. Sea freezes blow gently through coconut leaves, sea without any strong waves, etc. the whole island is sunk in the color of sunset.

There is no choice for outside dining except restaurants on the island, but if you want to have lunch or dinner there, you must book in advance, because food is not always available. It costs $ 12 per person for lunch and $ 15 for dinner, breakfast free of charge. Furthermore, staffs here are very friendly and cute.

hon ong2

Purple sunset  on the Whale island

At night, the Whale island is very quiet. Bars here are small without music, just the sound of wind, coconut leaves and sometime the echo of offshore fishing boats. Electric power on the island is operated from generators; hence it is limited to use. There is only a small bulb near the bed for reading book, one in restroom and another in main door.

If you want to enjoy dawn, let’s get up early and climb to the highest top of the island. the coolness of early morning among vast sea will make you feel comfortable and restful before coming back the noise of daily life.

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