Behold Bell Shaped Peach Blossoms At The Top of Ba Na

Ecotourism Zone Ba Na – Suoi Mo (Hoa Vang – Da Nang city) has a peak of nearly 1,500 meters and cool climate. Each day has four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter which attracts many tourists. Especially, they come to contemplate bell shaped peach blossoms that are shimmering in the wind spring.

In fact, the Ba Na in spring with huge gardens of hundreds of flowers, each one has its own beauty. Just leisurely walk on trails around the mountain, through abandoned and mossy houses, you will see bunches of orchid, forest flowers, hydrangea flowers, etc. in blossom. It is reason why there are thousands of colorful butterflies flying around flowers, friendly to people and shimmering like welcoming tourists.

dao chuong1

Bell shaped peach blossoms near the pagoda’s roof.

Especially, in Ba Na has rare bell shaped peach flowers that only bloom in the spring. The name “bell shaped peach” is called by locals here, because their petals look like small pink bells.

According to some botanists, bell shaped peach is a kind of Ericcaceae family and has height of only 5 meters, small leaves, and hairless twigs. Bell shaped peach flowers bloom from December to next January and February. In our country, this kind of peach distributes at altitudes above 1,400 meters in provinces from Thua Thien – Hue to Khanh Hoa. However, it can be said that Ba Na can is a best place for beautiful bell shaped peach flowers.

Two sides of the road from Ba Na Bynight villa ro Linh Ung pagoda and in the yard in front of the pagoda, there are many beautiful bell shaped peach blossoms. Nowadays, bell shaped peach flowers sprout into existence around Ba Na Bynight, Le Nim, in front of Ba Na post office, etc.

dao chuong2

Bell shaped peach blossoms in front of Linh Ung pagoda

dao chuong3

Bell shaped peach blossoms in front of the pagoda’s yard

dao chuong5

Bell shaped peach blossoms on traditional Vietnamese New Year holiday

dao chuong6

Bell shaped peach blossoms

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