Cuon Sui – the unforgettable dish in Sapa

Reminding to Sapa, besides the stunning scenery visitor can not miss tasting numerous specialties and delicious food, special Cuon Sui with attractive flavors.

Sapa in four seasons has its own interesting features and beautiful scenery for visitors to explore and explore and experience. There are peach blossom, plum blossom bloom in the spring, and various fruits in the summer. The terraced yellow rice fields out in the middle of the valley in the autumn and snow-capped snow or the morning dew covered the dim town.

Moreover, the cruise of Sapa is also one factor to attract visitors. Even it just appeared a few years ago, but  Cuon Sui Sapa has conquered visitors. This dish originated in China, which borders Lao Cai and in one bite of Cuon sui, you can few the chewy taste of noodle strands, the crunchy peanuts, the sweet char siu pork and the crispness of fried sweet potatoes.

Although just appeared for a few year but Cuon Sui Sapa becomes great food

Although just appeared for a few years Cuon Sui Sapa conquered diners

The name of this dish similar to the Sui cao, but there is not  Sui cao on it. Local people call it Pho Khan ( dry noodles). The people who taste this dish for the first time will be surprised.

The name is similar to Sui Cao but there is not Sui Cao in Cuon Sui Sapa

The name is similar to Sui Cao but there is not Sui Cao in Cuon Sui Sapa

Cuon Sui is made from smooth noodles as the Hanoi Pho, but it does not have as much soup or broth as Pho, the noodles are service with sauce, just enough to make the noddle strands shiny and soaked in spices and toppings.

White noodles will be placed at the bottom of the bowl. On top of that noodles , sprinkle some crispy roasted sweet potatoes with spices, elaborately cooked beef, shredded pork, quarter – boiled egg pieces, and a small amount of fine pepper powder, peanuts are on the top.

Finally, filled the thick paste of sauce cooked in the bowl. This is also the most important factor that determines the taste of Sapa effervescent rolls.

This dish is combined various ingredients.

This dish is combined various ingredients.

The broth must be made from pork bone, it is simmered for five hours, accompanied by some spicy aromas of cinnamon, cardamoms and Northwestern mountains. This dish is delicious when the sauce is sweet enough, not too sweet and tot too light, making the noodles both fragrant and warm rich in the mouth.

When eating, depending on the preferences of each person can add herbs, a few slices of chili, chili sauce, and so on mixed up together. In addition, this dish is also serviced with finely chopped sauerkraut mixed with sweet and sour to enhance the appeal of the dish.

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