Ripe plums in Moc Chau are ready to be picked

Moc Chau Plateau, in the northwestern mountainous province of Son La, may be the perfect destination for you if you are looking to escape the summer heat.

In particular, visitors between April and June can enjoy a very special holiday as in these months it is plum-harvesting season. The fields of plum trees turn luscious pinks, reds and purples, stretching out into the distance almost as far as the eye can see.

Ripe plums in Moc Chau

Ripe plums in Moc Chau

What could be more interesting to be played as farmer worn “lu co” behind and direct picking each plum. It is interesting to be directly involved in the process of harvesting plums, peaches of farmers here. In particular, you will be taken part in the very special holiday, it called picking fruit festival held at Ka Na plum valley an area of over 100 hectares.

Plum harvesting in Moc Chau

Plum harvesting in Moc Chau

Besides joining the picking plum game, ethnic sport activities, camping compition, exhibitions, and cultural exchange can be your option. Throught those activities, tourists will have chance to understand more about the culture, living style and custom as well. More specifically, after joining this festival, you will enjoy some products made from plums such as plum jam, plum wine, plum syrup and etc. Season lasts about two months, during this time, the festival brings a vivid and colorful painting with ethnic cultural values, remains in the tourists from near and far about unforgettable and deep impressions.
Coming here, you have opportunity to taste the delicious plums on your own and taking some photos with it when visit the garden.The plums here are rounded, crispy, firm and always full of aroma, much tastier than those from other regions. Plums are professionally picked, carefully packed, and then ready for wholesale selling. From here, Moc Chau plums will be transferred to consumers in other regions across Viet Nam. Freshly picked plums from the garden will be a mouth-watering present for your families and friends at home.

Moc Chau plums are popular for their delicious taste

Moc Chau plums are popular for their delicious taste

The plum tree is a gift from nature mother for local people living here because it grows not only definitely very well on highland soil but also it does not need to be tended carefully. If you visit Moc Chau this time, do not miss the opportunity to visit plum plantations and try to harvest the fruit on your own.

With its endless plum forests and the special culture, living style and custom, Moc Chau is certain to give you a very enjoyable holiday.

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