British Tourists Share Experiences For Vietnam Travel

A lot of British visitors choose their own ways to escape from the noise of Hanoi by going by train to Sa Pa and they also share other traveling experiences in Vietnam.

A small and beautiful Vietnam country always left lasting impression in the hearts of many British tourists. After traveling, they regularly recount experiences and advice for people who come after. Here are some useful and practical tips gathered by Telegraph.

From Peter J Griffiths (Cornwall, UK)

Journey from north to south

You can “escape” from the crowded, noise of Hanoi by night train tickets to Sapa – a peaceful mountain of Vietnam. The train speed is very slow and noisy, so you should use silencers to have good sleep. If traveling in groups, remember to buy a chair bed, because each carriage has only 4 beds with warm blankets, well-suited to sit down and rest. Ticket price for each chair is also inexpensive.


A photograph of Vietnam taken by tourist Peter J Griffiths

Sa Pa is an ideal and appealing destination, especially in January and February – nice weather. Another reason that attracts many foreign tourists to Sa Pa is to avoid Vietnam traditional New Year Holiday- the holiday only for Vietnamese families.

For the Europeans, it is best to travel in the North to enjoy the cold late winter, early spring, and then should move to the south to catch the warm sunshine. So tourists can book a ticket to the South and visit the Cu Chi Tunnels, Mekong river cruises, and end the trips by diving and swimming in Phu Quoc few days.

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