Enjoy drinks in 3 major regional areas on rainy days

On rainy days, in gentle cold weather, it is really interesting to sit in a corner of familiar café shop, sip a cup of tea or egg coffee.

Favorite drinks on rainy days are listed below:

Egg coffee in Hanoi

cafe trung 2

Hanoi rains almost all year round. Each season, the rains bring a distinctive image and touching emotion for those who come here. At such times, people want to leave behind their business, spend time enjoying a cup of egg coffee side by side relatives and friends. In Hanoi, enjoying coffee is not just a normal pleasure but also has already upgraded to a cultural experience: Sip and reflection.

Royal tea in Hue


With quiet and ancient beauty, rains throughout Hue make Hue more dreamlike. There is nothing like sitting in a tea shop with ancient architecture and enjoy a cup of royal tea, characteristic flavor of the ancient emperors on rainy afternoons in Hue.

Sipping a cup of royal tea in the rainy afternoon reminds us of old memories.

Bạc xỉu coffee in Ho Chi Minh City

bac xiu da sua dac

Bạc xỉu is a very suitable beverage to enjoy in rainy days in Ho Chi Minh city. It is quite strange in its name but actually Bạc xỉu is milk coffee in Chinese style with more milk than coffee. A cup of hot Bạc xỉu which has sweet taste of the condensed milk, tangy flavor of coffee becomes a popular drink with people of this place. When you arrive here, you will definitely easily find a coffee shop in any street to enjoy this beverage. The price of a cup of Bạc xỉu costs from VND 15,000-20,000.

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