The First Five- Star Train in Vietnam

It is the first time that Vietnam Railway has Five- Star train for the route Hanoi- Saigon. Unlike conventional trains, passenger on the five- star train are served with luxury services, train attendants are also as pretty as flight attendants.

The system of five- star train has been operated by Saigon Railway Company since at January 28, 2015, after more than four months of construction and upgrading SE 3/4.

Furniture on the train is described as high quality. Blankets, pillows, and mattress are totally replaced. Floorboards are made of aluminum to avoid noise and decrease the weight of truck, floor mats are imported from Japan. WC was renovated to ensure standards which are not discharged into the environment. Wagons with beds have semi-automatic glass doors between two wagons. Along the corridor is arranged with light yellow lights to create the luxury class.

Here are some fancy pictures on five- star train for the first time in Vietnam:

five-star-train-vietnam (1)

SE 3/4 train was upgraded to high quality and 5-star class.

five-star-train-vietnam (2)

five-star-train-vietnam (7)

The train attendants have the whole new images on five- star train.

five-star-train-vietnam (3)

The train attendants are beautiful in traditional elegant and graceful costumes.

five-star-train-vietnam (4)

five-star-train-vietnam (5)

Furniture in a wagon of the five- star train

five-star-train-vietnam (6)

The toilet was installed with modern equipment

five-star-train-vietnam (8)

The railway industry is building a completely new image of human source and the quality of service.

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