A poetic and ancient beauty through Dalat Train Station

Coming to Dalat, tourists will not only be surprised by the beautiful landscape, comfortable weather but also by the imprint of French architectures on this land. One of the most unique French monuments to recommend is Dalat Railway Station.

A poetic and vintage corner of Dalat here.

A poetic and vintage corner of Dalat here.

Dalat Train Station is 5 kilometers away from the heart of the city. It was built in 1932 and finished in 1938. The creators of this masterpiece were French architects, Moncet and Reveron. The total cost spent was up to 200.000 franc – a big number at that time.

But when this train station appeared, an influx of tourists increases per year. When Frech government left Vietnam, left Dalat, this place was still under maintenance. Till 1972, it was temporarily closed due to the damage of the war. A few years later, Dalat Train Station was recovered to celebrate Uncle Ho’s birthday.

Regarded as one of the finest piece of colonial engineering and architecture in Vietnam, the station was designed in Art Deco style which is perfectly in harmony with local characteristics and culture. Its three high pointed roofs resemble the three peaks of Lang Biang Mountain or as some people say, the communal house of ethnic minorities in Central Highland of Vietnam (called Nha Rong). Each roof contains multi-color glass window and the central roof has a huge clock which has been restored recently.

A Langbiang look in this place.

A Langbiang look in this place.

The other distinctive feature of Dalat railway station is the cog railways. The total length of the railway is 84km from Dalat to Thap Cham station with 16km of cog railway designed by Swedish engineers. Because of the mountainous geography, a system of cog railroad and locomotive is needed to provide the traction for uphill slopes and slow down the train when going downhill. The construction had to overcome many difficulties of the mountainous terrain so that it leaded to such a long period of time to complete which was 24 years.

At this special place, what we see is not just a place for taking artistic pictures. It is the historical flow remaining in this city. Hearing the reputation of “the oldest railway station in Indochina”, everyone will think of Dalat right away. We have to admire that hardly any train station in our country is as special as this one. Not only is it old, but Dalat railway station is also rated as the most beautiful and unique train station in Vietnam. Moreover, it is the only place has a steam engine. That special thing exists in Dalat only.

The famous steam engine of “the oldest railway station of Indochina”.

The famous steam engine of “the oldest railway station of Indochina”.

Dalat railway station is considered as a mountainous feature of the city. Anyone who comes here must take some memorable photos to mark their Dalat trip. Thanks to this train station, this mountain city is somehow more romantic.

Nowadays, this train station is not used for logistic purpose anymore. It is served for tourism. The railway is shortened to 7 kilometers, convenient to explore a part of the city. The train runs a 20-minute outward journey and a 20-minute return journey. Tourists have a 30-minute stop at Ve Chai Pagoda for sightseeing. The ticket for this train experience costs around 108.000 – 150.000VNĐ/per.

The train runs a 20-minute outward journey and a 20-minute return journey

The train runs a 20-minute outward journey and a 20-minute return journey

Address: Quang Trung, Ward 10, Dalat City, Lam Dong
Dalat train station 4

Nearly a century has passed with many people coming and leaving this beloved land. Every time we come back here, we still hold a complete feeling for this land, especially the Dalat train station.

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