1. Landscapes

Mui Ne has so many beautiful natural scenes that you can explore.

Mui Ne

Mui Ne

The two most famous beaches of Mui Ne are Hon Rom and Hon Ghenh.

Hon Rom is located at the foot of the green mountains. The water of the sea here is blue with coconut palms standing out on the white sand. Hon Rom has many beaches such as Hon Rom 1, Hon Rom 2 and Thuy Trang.

Unlike Hon Rom, Hon Ghenh is an oasis full of rocky rapids, wild plants, coral and many species of birds. In terms of unspoilt nature, Ghenh is more than Hon Rom with high and low rock formations with very special looking shapes. The water is so clear that you can see the corals at the bottom.

Hòn Ghềnh

Hòn Ghềnh

Visitors also can explore Ta Cu mountain, a famous and pristine scenic spot. To reach Ta Cu Mountain, visitors can climb 1000 steps or take the cable car. There are two large pagodas here, Long Doan and Linh Son Truong Tho, of which the statue of Sakyamuni Buddha reclining against mountain slope known as the largest Buddha statue in Southeast Asia.

Reclining Budda at Ta Cu pagoda

Reclining Budda at Ta Cu pagoda

If visitors wish to explore the nature, Fairy Stream and Co Thach rock are worth visiting.The water level of the stream is low, so many visitors enjoy walking on barefoot upstream, just walking and watching the vibrant orange sand by the stream. Or visitors can visit sand dunes, Ke Ga lighthouse is also a place with very interesting natural landscapes.

2. Unique culture

Mui Ne culture includes Cham Pa culture and Kinh culture. Visitors can learn about this culture at the Poshanu tower that was built 1200 years ago. This is a cultural monument of the ancient Champa kingdom, symbolizing a prosperous period of the kingdom

After exploring Cham Pa culture, visitors can learn the unique features of the life and culture of fishermen in the fishing village of Mui Ne. This place has a bustling life with boats constantly landing, bustling shopping, fresh seafood.

Fishing village

Fishing village

Besides, visitors can also explore the traditional craft villages in Mui Ne, Phan Thiet such as producing Nuoc Mam (a kind of Vietnam traditional fish sauce), making sand paintings and so on .These products are contributing a large part to the specialty of Mui Ne.



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