The Pure Beauty Of Grapefruit And Lemon Flowers

In the warm weather, northern gardens become more attractive with pure colors of grapefruit flowers, lemon flowers, kumquat flowers, etc.

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Grapefruit trees are very common in northern countryside. On every January and beginning of February, gardens are filled with the flavor of grapefruit flowers.

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One of famous grapefruit plantations in Hanoi is Dien land, Tu Liem district. The white color of petal, the golden color of pistil together with the deep green color of leaves and the beautiful songs of birds create a simple but lively picture.

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Such these flowers gather in small groups, on all branches and spread pure scent.

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In this season, it is easy to see baskets of grapefruit flowers on Hanoi streets.

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Unlike grapefruit blossoms, lemon flower buds are described with faint purple color and pure white color when in blossom.

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Lemon trees with full of flowers look like bonsai trees. They also spread fresh scent.

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Blossom at the same time with lemon flowers are kumquat trees. They look like grapefruit flowers but smaller and gentle fragrance.

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To see kumquat flowers in blossom, you can visit Nhat Tan (Hanoi) or Van Giang, Khoai Chau, Yen My (Hung Yen province).

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