Hoi An Ancient Town Through Sketches

Through paintings of artist Josh Binh, viewers seem to walk around on streets of few people, admire old houses with flickering lanterns at night or enjoy the cool air in the early morning. Hoi An Ancient Town Through Sketches.

Hoi An Ancient Town Through Sketches (1)

The late afternoon sunshine on Hoi An Street

Use tone of red and black brick color together with oil painting material, artist Josh Binh sketched clearly paintings of Hoi An (Quang Nam) at night as well as day.

Hoi An Ancient Town Through Sketches (2)

One corner of Hoi An ancient town at night

Hoi An is not author’s homeland but when coming here, the artist Josh Binh always feel being inspired to create color paintings about ancient streets, peaceful life, simplicity of the people near Thu Bon River .

Hoi An Ancient Town Through Sketches (3)

Old houses run along streets.

Whether day or night, the tranquil on streets of Hoi An is always a characteristic that visitors will want to wallow in it.

Hoi An Ancient Town Through Sketches (4)

The tranquil on ancient streets

The tranquil and peace of the old town appear enchanting or created by artist Josh Binh.

Hoi An Ancient Town Through Sketches (5)

Winding roads and shimmering lanterns make visitors always feel comfortable to breathe the fresh air, contemplating the scenery while walking on the street.

Hoi An Ancient Town Through Sketches (6)

A shop sells stone on the street

Old houses, clubs, unique architectural works like temples, temples and shrines, etc. are creeping on the horizontal narrow streets. All show up with green moss old color in paintings of the young artist.

Hoi An Ancient Town Through Sketches (7)

The ancient town in an early morning

In the early morning, sunrise is also the time people ride bikes to go back and forth to prepare a new day full of energy.

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