Good-looking Young Ireland Man Travels Vietnam with a Duck

An Ireland backpacker adopted a duck, named it Rab and carried it on his motorbike from Ho Chi Minh city to Hanoi.

The 20-year-old man- Daniel Mcallen, in Belfast, North Ireland has made a lot of people interested when sharing his stories travelling with a duck on Imgur- a famous online image stores.

On Imgur, Dan shared he visited Vietnam in one month, departed from Ho Chi Minh city and ended his trip in Hanoi. When he bought the motorbike to travel, Dan was received a duck. Dan named it Rab and decided to took it along with to travel Vietnam.

Interesting story of Dan and his duck Rab:


His first picture with Rab after he carried it from its owner


They take a rest in the trip Hue- Phong Nha.


Rab sits on boat with them to visit caves in Phong Nha.


They took Rab restaurants and eateries. It always becomes a major attention. Rab is a friendly duck. It stands on his shoulders in one hour without running away because it likes to be close. This is an image of Rab standing on an artist’s head in a bar in Phong Nha.


On the way to Thai Hoa (Nghe An), they take a rest and take photo with Rab.


Two motorbikes and Rab. It often peeks out of the barrel when he drives. This scene is like a dog peeking his head out of a car window.


Rab looks very stately, right?


Ending the trip, they tried to hand Rab to other tourists for his continuing journey, but unfortunately, nobody wants Rab travel together with them.


The last picture with Rab. Hope it live long and happy in a new house.

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