Trang An the heritage site, a masterpiece of the Nature

Located in Ninh Binh, the southernmost province Northern Vietnam, Trang An heritage complex is famous for its magnificent Karst scenery and historical temples and pagoda. Its beauty is likened as mainland Halong bay by world travelers.

A shrine on the flow

A shrine on the flow

Actually, Ninh Binh was the capital of Vietnam for three significant dynasties throughout the 10th and 11th centuries before the first King of Ly Dynasty decided to move to Hanoi, the current capital of Vietnam over 1000 years ago.

Around 7KM to the west of Ninh Binh city, this place is a magic of nature. It is for sure that you will be astonished and feel like getting lost in the fairy land just by rowing on the river. Giant kart and limestone mountains on two banks, the crystal clear water with colorful algae draw a stunning picture that you can’t help wowing. Especially if you’re on the boat in harvesting season, the evergreen mountains, honey-color rice fields and the emerald water would even make the place more fairy than ever.

Honey-color rice fields carpeting the rivers' banks in harvesting season

Honey-color rice fields carpeting the rivers’ banks in harvesting season

Rowing along the flow, sometimes you will catch ancient shrines, temples and pagodas nestling between majestic green mountains that carry the sounds and spirits of thousand years. Trang An scenic landscape complex is a harmony combination between the masterpiece of nature and the valuable architecture by human. Here you can visit Bai Dinh, the largest pagoda in Southeast Asia to feel the values of Buddhism or stop by Hoa Lu ancient capital to listen to the sounds of history.

Rowing through stunning rivers

Rowing through stunning rivers

As being commented by tourists, Trang An owns one of the most beautiful and charming karst scenes in the world. It is a great work of art made of hat-shaped limestone mountains, covered by shiny green jungles and golden rice fields carpeting the valleys in between. and the crystal-clear rivers running parallel consisting of countless algae bunches inside them.

Gorgeous bunches of algae in the rivers

Gorgeous bunches of algae in the rivers

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