The Ancient Stone Church- A Symbol of Sa Pa Toruism

The ancient stone church in the center of Sa Pa town has long been considered a symbol of Sa Pa tourism area.

Tourist visiting Sa Pa for their first time always want to take a photo in front of the church together with wonderful rice terraces which are voted in the top 7 most beautiful terraces in the world.


The Ancient Stone Church- A Symbol of Sa Pa Toruism area

The whole church was built by stone (walls, floors, bell towers, etc.) that are linked by a mixture of sand, lime and molasses. With total area over 6000m2, Sapa church has enough rooms for the arrangement of the area.

The ancient stone church is situated on a nicest position of Sa Pa tourism town, back against Ham Rong mountain.


This is one of the most attractive destinations in the fog city- Sa Pa.

The Sa Pa church has existed for almost 100 years and today is one of the few remaining ancient architecture in this exciting tourist area.

The Sapa ancient stone church is listed in the top five most famous Catholic churches in Vietnam for architectural beauty and the age of construction around 100 years.

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