Majestic Landscapes in Ta Pa Mount

Ta Pa mount in Nui To commune, Tri Ton district, An Giang province, is one of the seven mountains to make up the mysterious mountains.

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Bay Nui is also known as Seven Mountains, including seven continuous mountains in Southwest Mekong Delta. It is located in two districts of Tri Ton and Tinh Bien, An Giang province. Of which, Ta Pa Mountain with distinct beauty is a natural and artificial combination.

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Despite less than a kilometer from Tri Ton town, Ta Pa mount brings a wild and mysterious beauty. On the high peak of less than 200 m have a Khmer temple and a lake surrounded by cliffs.

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High cliffs of Ta Pa mount are like horizontal and vertical walls, lava stone columns. Many stone walls were shaped into strange shapes.

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On top of the mountain with a deep blue crystal crater is called Ta Pa lake. The lake is a trace of a stone exploiting period, with a warning board of 17 m. Despite being inadvertently been created, it has become an attractive landscape, attracting many visitors.

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From above, tourists can enjoy panoramic Tri Ton town and immerse at the beauty of the colorful rice fields along the foothill of the opposite To mountain.

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Standing on the edge of the hill, you will see the green color of young rice paddies and yellow color of ripen rice fields. Especially in the harvested season, the yellow color spreads further and further.

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The charming soil roads wind through colorful fields. Rice here is grown in in different time; hence it makes typical yellow and green colors.

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Ta Pa Lake is surrounded by tall cliffs, from high position, we can see at the bottom of the lake. When it is clear, the water is described with jade color, as flat as a mirror. It is reason why Ta Pa Lake is very beautiful and attractive.

Mount Ta Pa likes a charming painting. It had fresh air, beautiful scenery, ancient and majestic Khmer Buddhist temples. Furthermore, visitors will feel the hospitality of local people.

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