The Afternoon Sunshine On Ganh Den Lighthouse

The sunshine together with deep blue water of Xuan Dai bay will attract travelers to Ganh Den lighthouse. The afternoon sunshine on Ganh Den lighthouse.

Visiting Tuy An district, near the stunning cliffs of stone plates or layers of basalt stones is Ganh Den which is situated on the mouth of Xuan Dai bay, looks towards Chao lagoon. About 30 km from Tuy Hoa city of Phu Yen to the north, Ganh Den lighthouse is one of should-visit destinations when travelling Phu Yen.

The Ganh Den lighthouse is not as big and famous as Ke Ga lighthouse, Mui Dien. But it has a nice location in the mouth of a sea, the red and white color of the lighthouse is highlight among a vast blue sea. Ancient stones lie along the way leading to the lighthouse. Tourists will feel like being lost in a stone forest near sea coast.

From three- intersection of the Cliffs of Stone Plate, tourists go along a small path of 1 km to Ganh Den lighthouse. Under the afternoon sunshine, the natural landscape becomes most brilliant. One side is dry grass and cactus and the other side is stones in different shape in the mouth of Chao lagoon.

The Afternoon Sunshine On Ganh Den Lighthouse  (2)

 “The Stone Forest” leads to the Ganh Den lighthouse.

There are several basket boats of fishermen in distance; they are sunbathed after fishing. Surely, with a camera in hand, tourists will take beautiful moments of nature.

After some minutes of walking, you can climb up to steps leading to Ganh Den lighthouse. With no large scale, this construction brings ancient beauty of Vietnamese lighthouses. No one knows the origin of the name Ganh Den lighthouse.

The best time to enjoy the pristine beauty of Ganh Den is in the afternoon. On the left are grass seeds heading to the sea coast. On the right are layers of stones in different shapes. Take your foot on those steps, tourists can touch the lighthouse.

The Afternoon Sunshine On Ganh Den Lighthouse  (1)

The natural beauty and images of fishermen.

From the lighthouse, tourists can feel the breath of sea together with white foam. Take a rest right near stone coast, enjoy yourself in a peaceful space and behold the sunset on Xuan Dai bay.

And then, you leave Ganh Den and run along the coast of Tuy An district. At this time, once again, tourists enjoy the pristine beauty of this land.

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