Sapa, Bac Ha, Y Ty – Beutiful destination in Laocai

Sapa – a Kingdom of summer

Sapa is located at an altitude of 1,650m above sea level so there are 4 seasons in the summer day ( morning is spring, summer lunch, autumn afternoon and evening is the winter), in the cold season, this place often appears with tropical rain and snow, creating a fairytale landscape for Sapa.

Especially, most hotels, motels in Sapa town don’t have air conditioners since the average temperature here is around 20 degrees celsius.


Coming to Sapa, tourists have the opportunity to admire the amazing scenery of Hoang Lien range and the whole ” the city in the mist” from the 3.143m high Fansifang mountain, which is called is ” Roof of Vietnam” and ” Roof of the East”.

Discover Bac waterfall, Cat Cat waterfall is most beautiful in the Northwest on O Quy HO pass is over 2000 high or visit the ancient rock of TaVan – Hau Thao with the mysterious drawings on the stones of the ancient people.

Besides that, Sapa also have picturesque villages of the ethnic minorities, world-famous terraced fields, which are beautiful in the water season.

Visitors can taste delicious dishes here such as: Ban Khoang salmon salad, Ta Phin grill pork,…eat once and remember.

Bac Ha plateau

Bac Ha plateau is 1200m higher than sea level, it is famous are of Lao Cai province. In the summer, the climate here is cool and fresh like Sapa. The temperature in summer days is only over 20 degrees C and need a warm blankets at night.

Visiting Bac Ha on summer, tourists not only can see the stunning scenery of mountain, streams rivers of the land known ” White highlands” when the spring comes, the white plum blossoms cover in the village, but also have opportunity to visit and pick fruits  from the peach and plum orchards in Ban Pho, Lau Thi Ngai, Na Hoi, Ta Van Chu…


Visitors can go to the famous market in the Northen Vietnam such as: Coc Ly market, Can Cau and Lung Phing market where are still retains many ancient features, especially Bac Ha brocade market has been voted by Serendib ( Sri Lanka) in the Top most attractive markets in Southest Asia.

Furthermore, don’t forget to visit the old villa of Meo King- Hoang A Tuong in the center of Bac Ha, one of the more than 100 – year old architectural works in the northern mountainous area defined and built by Asian and European style.

Y Ty – Second Sapa of Vietnam 

Y Tý is a border highland commute located to the west of Bat Xat district ( Lao Cai province). Y Ty is located at an altitude of 1,600m above sea level, so it is covered with fog all year round and often has snow, snow or sleet in the old white forest of over 2,000 meters high.

The international electronic information network Thrillst each voted Y Ty as one of the 12 mysterious treasure spots of Asia and introduced this interesting tourism as follows:


“Located in the highest land in Vietnam, Y Ty village is a destination for tourists who love to experience and explore the rustic countryside. Y Ty has spectacular views of the cloud-covered mountains. The bright color of terraced fields is in the harvest season.In addition, coming to Y Ty, you can also exchange and chat with indigenous people, visit the traditional market of Y Ty village with many types of goods for sale in the market … “.

Due to the difficult travel, this land was previously considered an “oasis” of Lao Cai province although the summer weather here is cool similar to Sapa.

Y Ty is the homeland of the black Ha Nhi people, one of the smallest ethnic groups in Vietnam with a very unique traditional culture, all year round in the villages and festivals.

The houses with nearly 1 meter thick earthen walls, the grass roofs of the Ha Nhi people look like giant mushrooms is also the most attractive destination for tourists visiting Italy.

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