Places to visit in Quy Nhon, Vietnam

1. Twin Cham Towers – The old Cham people’s heritage

Twin Cham Towers are 20 meters tall and stand next to each other. Twin Cham Towers is in the ancient village of Hung Thanh, Dong Da Ward in downtown Quy Nhon City. They are the artistic and cultural heritage of old Cham people with the unique structure of connecting rock and brick strongly together. Twin Cham Towers are the evidence of the old Champa kingdom, which flourished during 11th and 15th century. Twin Cham Towers also have a unique decoration with the carving image of gods, birds, animals relating to religious belief of Cham people. Twin Cham Towers is said/cited as by the historical researchers to be the biggest tower in Southeast Asia. Despite having been destroyed a lot during the war, Twin Cham Tower is still not only a place for historical and cultural research but also a destination for tourist to sightsee.

Twin Cham Towers –

Twin Cham Towers 

2. Quang Trung Museum – The museum of a Vietnamese historic hero
Quang Trung Museum is located in Kiem My Village, which is the native village of King Quang Trung. The construction of the Quang Trung Museum was started in 1978 in the area of 95,000 m2. Quang Trung Museum is dedicated to Quang Trung, a national hero of the 15th century. Quang Trung was the leader of Tay Son Movement when he led his army from Hue to the north. It took him and his army 35 days to reach Hanoi which was is being invaded by the Chinese. His army defeated 290,000 Chinese invaders and brought peace back to the country. The museum has both modern and ancient architecture. Visiting the museum, you can find many valuable objects and documents related to Tay Son Movement and emperor Quang Trung and see Vo Tay Son, the traditional martial art of Binh Dinh.

Quang Trung Museum

Quang Trung Museum

3. Long Khanh Pagoda – The largest Buddihism center of Binh Dinh Province
Long Khanh Pagoda is located in 141 Tran Van Cao Street, Le Loi Ward, Quy Nhon City, Binh Dinh Province. The Pagoda was first constructed in the late 17th century by a Chinese person named/called Duc Son. But now the original structure of the pagoda no longer exists because being damaged during the war. The Long Khanh Pagoda was rebuilt in 1957 and finally completed in 1972. Located in the center of the city, Long Khanh Pagoda can be easily visited by cars, motorbikes, and bicycles. Visiting Long Khanh Pagoda, you will enjoy the peaceful and restful atmosphere like coming into the Buddha land.

 Long Khanh Pagoda

Long Khanh Pagoda

4. Queen Beach – The nature’s gift to Quy Nhon City
Queen Beach is located just 2 kilometers far from the center of Quy Nhon City so tourists can visit here straightforward by taxi of or bikes in a smooth and windy road. The Queen Beach has another name as Hoang Hau beach, these names of the beach are relating to the story about Queen Nam Phuong, the wife of King Bao Dai. She chose here to be her private destination holiday because of its beauty. Queen Beach has a lovely and luxury beauty as its name. Queen Beach is the gift that nature gives to Binh Dinh Province. The rocks of this beach are smooth and boast the round shape as giant bird’s eggs. That is the reason why Queen Beach used to be called Stone Egg Beach.

Queen Beach

Queen Beach

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