Delicious and Famous Ha Long Squid Ball


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Recently, Ha Long squid balls have been recognized as one of ten “dishes in Vietnam only and compared to other dishes in other countries in Asia region.

It is an honor and proud of Quang Ninh province and also put responsibility on manufacture establishment and management agencies to make Ha Long squid ball brand meet international standard.

According to the survey, evaluation of the Center for Research and Development of Agricultural System, squid ball Ha Long getting its own taste is due to Ha Long Bay with coral reefs and airtight so squid in this region are thick, sweet, crunchy and tough.


This is one of important points creating distinct and strange flavor of Ha Long squid balls that can not be found elsewhere with production of same kind. In addition, the quality of Ha Long squid balls depends on special processing techniques of Ha Long people.

Regarding specialty squid ball Ha Long, Mr. Hiep said: “if you want a piece of Halong squid ball carries a distinct flavor, using hands force to bray squid is a mandatory requirement because it makes material more adhesive, feel soft when eating but not firm and not flabby. The Halong squid ball during processing and mixing should be only used with nếp cái hoa vàng powder to create toughness and golden color for each patty.”

Material to make delicious and fragrant squid balls must be fresh. The squid ball is also very picky about heat for frying, fire is not too heat but not too weak. A delicious patty will spread its fragrance right when dropped into the oil pan. Patties of squid balls are fried until golden, then take out and drain the oil. It is the best advice to dip the squid ball in pure fish sauce sprinkled with pepper to by feel its entire flavor.

cha muc ha long

On tourism season, just supply for pilgrims, a manufacture establishment of squid ball in Halong sells about 70-80 kg/ day, on holidays, the mount reaches up to 100 kg/day. A lot of tourists select squid ball Ha Long as a gift for their relatives, friends when they visit Ha Long bay.

To protect brand of Ha Long squid ball and avoid fake and low quality production, Ha Long province invested over 1 trillion VND to build geographical directions and establish association of manufacturing and trading Ha Long squid ball at the same time.

The association establishment creates favorable conditions for establishments manufacturing Ha Long squid ball and protect the brand. Consumers can keep their mind in peace and trust the product because it is produced with common standards in terms of technical processing, maintenance, etc.

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