Dai Nam – A Tourist Attraction For Summer

Dai Nam – A Tourist Attraction For Summer. Families with small children will escape the intensive and muggy heat and play under cool blue waves or watch wild animals in the summer holidays.

About 30 km from Ho Chi Minh City center in the direction of Highway 13, separate from the noisy town, Dai Nam Van Hien tourism zone attracts many tourists to visit this summer.

With spacious and airy campus with a total area of ​ 261 hectares, this place is described with full of mountains, lakes, seas and dynamic services. Tourists seem to come into the mystical world, admire the wonderful scenery, enjoy the cool breeze on the top of Bao Thap, watch artificial Ngu Hanh Son or cult at the biggest gold plated temple in Vietnam.

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Going to beach in hot summer weather will make you reduce tiredness.

Also, you can immerse yourself in cool blue water to feel the salty taste of the sea. For those who love animals, surely you cannot skip the walk around the zoo to see hundreds of species of wildlife such as South African rhinos, white lion, zebra, etc.

For dynamic young people, they can experience the leading entertainment services like enjoying dome movies – the world’s leading technology entertainment; snow world or F1 racing road, rollercoaster, etc.

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The zoo has a variety of wildlife animals for visitors.

A unique location for small children is the “Road of childhood” with activities such as coconut leaf belt guide, instruction of paper folding art, ceramic painting, folk games, fun shooting photo; This activity will be held on Saturdays and Sundays during the summer of 2015.

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