Tourists Love Travelling Vietnam Because of High Happiness and Safety Index

Thanks to the high happiness and safety index, Vietnam tourism is voted as one of ten most perfect nations for single travelers.

Magazine Travek & Leisure has just announces 10 wonderful destinations for single tourists basing on two criteria: happiness and safety index.


Hanoi- the capital of Vietnam is one of cities with long-time history and many beautiful landscapes.

Based on aforementioned criteria and tourists’ votes, Global Peace Index and Happy Planet Index, Vietnam travel is ranked 6th in the list, before developed countries like Germany, Japan, Sweden, etc.

Comment on Vietnam, the magazine said: “This is a country with safe and colorful street life whenever you are. Tourists in Vietnam can feel comfortable in crowded places such as Ben Thanh Market (Ho Chi Minh city), Dong Xuan market (Ha Noi), practice taijiquan with hundreds of strangers in Hoan Kiem Lake, contemplate beautiful scenes of Central Highland mountains and enjoy Phu Quoc sea breezes without any worry about safety issues for themselves. ”

Topping at the top 10 perfect destinations for single travelers is New Zealand. This country has been praised as a safe country with many beautiful landscapes. Next position belongs to Norway, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Austria, Vietnam, Chile, Japan, Sweden, and Indonesia.

Safety, reasonable price, friendly locals, etc. are strengths of Vietnam towards foreign tourists.

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