Top 7 Things Worth Purchasing When Travelling Vietnam


Blogger Audrey who has lived in Vietnam for two years shared it is hard to find what the most attractive thing in Vietnam is.

To Audrey, markets or shopping centers in Vietnam are a busiest, cheapest and boldest world. From Hanoi to Hoi An, then to Saigon, each place brings us diverse and exciting shopping experiences. Discovering and you will be surprised of some magic things even odd ones in this country. If you decide to purchase something, you should consider below things as your reference:

1.      Snake wine

ruou ran

A bottle of snake wine can make your grandmother scare. However, according to the ancient Chinese, the snake wind has effects of enhancing vitality.

2.      Leaf Hats

non la

You are able to purchase leaf hats- typical symbols of Vietnam and you can find them at any market, especially Hue. It only cost one dollar for this special good.

3.      Áo dài- Traditional Vietnamese costume

ao dai

“Áo dài” is a traditional costume of Vietnam. Particularly, the costume is not only for women but also for men.

4.      Iced café

Who would have thought that drinking iced coffee in plastic bags is delicious? Iced coffee is popular in Vietnam and most popular beverage in the Ben Thanh Market – the largest market located in the heart of Saigon. Drinking a little coffee will make you awake for several hours.

5.      “Phở”- Vietnamese noodle soup

There is no better place to sit and enjoy “pho” dish in the middle of busy markets in Vietnam. Dong Xuan Market in Hanoi is one of the suggestions for you. Many tourists visiting Vietnam have addicted with the dish of fresh rice noodle rolls (beef wrapped in thin rice paper with herbs and spicy sauce).

6.       Weasel coffee

If you hear the coffee that is made from dung of the ferret, you probably will not want to buy. But the delicious taste of a particular weasel coffee shall make you not care about that anymore.

7.      Watercolor Painting


Selecting a beautiful painting of Vietnam countryside landscape is a rewarding work. The artists here are great masters in copy and also have beautiful pictures of their own.

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