Immersed In The Poetic Beauty Of Sa Dec Flower Village

New Year is coming, not only houses, streets but also flower villages are bustling to supply flowers for Tet holiday. In the early morning, the local cares for each petal of flowers. At night, the whole village light up. Let’s visit Sa Dec flower village to feel the romantic beauty!

sa-dec-flower-village (17)

Sa Dec flower village with many kinds of flowers

sa-dec-flower-village (1)

Unique image of Sa Dec flower village on the water

sa-dec-flower-village (2)

People care chrysanthemum garden by junk

sa-dec-flower-village (3)

Care chrysanthemum flowers from they are still in small trees

sa-dec-flower-village (4)

Until they are in blossom

sa-dec-flower-village (5)

Little flowers signal the coming TET and spring

sa-dec-flower-village (6)

Blooming marigold flowers

sa-dec-flower-village (7)

Chrysanthemum is indispensable on Tet holiday

sa-dec-flower-village (8)

Sunflower bloom yellow

sa-dec-flower-village (9)

Prepare for a happy New Year

sa-dec-flower-village (11)

A world of roses

sa-dec-flower-village (16)

Chrysanthemum – Featured Products of the flower village Sa Dec

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