Chả cá (fried fish)

cha caIn Vietnam, when fall comes and the weather becomes much cooler, it is time to enjoy hot serving food with friends or family to fully feel how delicious the food is. With such kind of weather and intention, chả cá (fried fish) is one of highly recommended dishes to taste in Hanoi, Vietnam.


Chả cá is a specialty of Hanoi. The special point of this Hanoi Specialty is that Fish are marinated then grilled on charcoal and finally fried in a pan with grease when serving. Fish for this dish is often hemibagrus. This kind of fish is special because it has little quantity of bones, tasty meat with aroma. It would be best to have Anh Vu fish as the main ingredient for this dish. Fish is split from two sides, then sliced thinny. Those slices of fish then are marinated with galangal, turmeric, fresh pepper, fish sauce in a special way of esoteric for at least 2 hours. After that, they are clamped tightly between a pair of bamboo (or being put in grill with a thin layer of grease to avoid adhesion). The person who control the grill must be careful when fan the charcoal cooking fire. The grill must be stirred constantly flip through so both sides are equally cooked. Before serving to customers, those clamps of fried fish will be poured into a boiling pan with grease (often from dog), cha càunder the pan is a charcoal cooking fire. This dish is served and eaten with dill, and cut sweet onion. Cooking oil is not used because its boiling temperature is lower than grease; therefore, the fish meat will be less aroma. Fried fish a hot-served and eaten dish. When enjoying, each slice of fried fish will be put in a bowl, boiling grease then is poured in; and it will be best to eat fried fish with some rice noodles or rice vermicelli, peanut, coriandrum sativum, sweet basil, dill, cut sweet onion and shrimp paste. The shrimp paste must be prepared by adding fresh lemon juice, pepper then beating up to be effervescent. Finally, some belostomatid oil, some white wine, some grease and sugar are added to make the perfect sauce for this dish.

In Hanoi, it is highly recommended to enjoy Chả cá in No.14 Chả Cá street, or at Anh Vu restaurant in Giang Vo Street.

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