Hai Phong is industrial center and seaport in the Red River Delta. If you have trip to northern Vietnam don’t forget to stop at Hai Phong to seek out its beautiful architectural and cultural treasures, special the opportunity to enjoy diversity local street foods since this is harbor city, the fresh sea food is widely available for the some of the most delicious dishes what you have ever tasted.

  1. Bánh Đa Cua (Brown Noodles with Crab)

“Bánh Đa Cua” is very popular and famous with the food lovers. Come to Hai Phong you can see the “Bánh đa cua” in all the streets from the luxury restaurant to small corner, during all the seasons of year. Chewy brown rice noodles and two types of crab meat cakes, pork balls, and beef simmer in a luscious broth cooked with greens. The soup is usually served with a plate of shredded lettuce and perilla leaves. Depending on the restaurant or street vendor, you might also get chilis and nuts added to your bowl.


Bánh Đa Cua (Brown Noodles with Crab)

Bánh Đa Cua (Brown Noodles with Crab)


  1. Cool Red Jellyfish Salad.

Cool red jellyfish salad is the perfect antidote to the hot, sweltering days of Hai Phong’s summers. Red jellyfish is flavored with lemon, kumquat, and other seasonings before being sliced into bite-size chunks with a bamboo knife. The slices are served with grilled tofu, young coconut, mint, perilla, and shrimp paste.

Red Jellyfish

Red Jellyfish

3.    Lau Cua Dong (Freshwater Crab Hotpot).

 Lau Cua Dong (Freshwater Crab Hotpot)

Lau Cua Dong (Freshwater Crab Hotpot)

Nothing beats a bowl of hot soup in the winter, and “Lẩu cua đồng” is Hai Phong’s remedy for chilly weather. An aromatic bone broth is packed with freshwater crab meat, beef, fried fish, tofu, vegetables and mushrooms before being ladled into large bowls.


  1. Sui Din

Brought over by Chinese immigrants, this particular version of sweet dumpling soup includes of pounded rice in a steaming hot sweet soup garnished with ginger, peanuts and shredded coconut.

Sui Din

Sui Din

  1. Cháo cay (Spicy porridge)

The best time to enjoy this dish is in the winter with the occasionally cold and breezes and drizzles. It is well-cooked from grinded rice, with the underlying sweetness from boiled ribs. It is usually be served with mussel, pork,. of course, crullers. It’s a hearty dish that will leave you with the “porridge glow” and feeling warm deep inside.

Spicy porridge

Spicy porridge

  1. Bánh mỳ cay – spicy bread

Among the different versions of banh mi available in Viet Nam, the banh mi cay (spicy banh mi) of Hai Phong may be the most humble, consisting of just a baguette, some pate and a squeeze of local chili sauce.

Bánh mỳ cay - spicy bread

Bánh mỳ cay – spicy bread

A spicy banh mi is just a couple of fingers in width and is filled with an aromatic pate. The bread is drizzled with oil and baked over charcoal for a crusty finish. The snack costs from just VND5,000 to VND10,000 each, just around a single US dollar.

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